Sony MDR V-55 DJ Stereo Headphones Review

Sony MDR V-55 DJ Stereo Headphones Review

Sony MDR V-55 DJ Stereo Headphones Review

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We all yearn for that magical set of headphones that will play pulsating, reverberating music, while we are on a treadmill, or commuting or simply when we need to unwind. All of us have a wish-list when it comes to headphones and want to own that coveted set and flaunt it. Well, it seems your wait is over. Sony MDR V-55 DJ Stereo Headphones are here in the market. These come at a reasonable price, as mentioned by Amazon and they are red in color. Apart from merely listening to music, these headphones suffice for a wide range of purposes.

Quite a steal at this price, these headphones are manufactured by the esteemed brand Sony. They are much cheaper when compared to other brands. If you are an aspiring DJ, this is the perfect piece for you. On the other hand, if you are a casual listener, you can feel the music and its smallest details. Comfort is the other name of these headphones as they have perfectly bent headphones which have considerable width. We know, you get lost in the music when your favorite track is played. The headphones fit snugly and elevate the hearing experience.

Features of the Sony MDR V-55 DJ Stero Headphones

  • As we have mentioned earlier, they are tailor-made for you if you are a DJ. They look really good as you put them on in concerts. Their smart and sleek design will definitely make your DJ set more stylish. Apart from red, you can choose from three other colors.
  • These headphones can be folded and easily deposited in your laptop bag when you are not using them. You do not need to worry about storing these headphones, they occupy minimal space, so now you know your regular journeys to office would not be so boring!
  • The earcup is reversible with a cord that is one-sided and 1.2 m in length. While on the console, DJs can use it for listening with one ear and not miss a beat also.
  • You have dreamt of bass sound and here it is! They have a neodymium driver that is 40 mm long. Also, a frequency range that is over 25,000 Hertz which contributes to fantastic treble.
  • With these headphones, you will never miss out on any detail. With a power input of 1000 mW along with sensitive 105 decibels per mW, you can hear even the smallest details, irrespective of what the volume is.
  • You can totally focus on every single beat and fine-tuning since the headphones can totally isolate you from the surrounding distractions.
  • The wide headband and the soft earcups ensure that your music experience is a comfortable one even when you are occupied with some other work.

Sony MDR V-55 DJ Stereo Headphones ReviewTechnical Specifications

  • Weight: 213 gm
  • Weight including the box: 399 gm
  • Model number: MDR V-55/BR
  • Color: Red
  • Frequency : Till 25000 Hz
  • Input power: Till 1000 mW
  • Sensitivity: 105 Decibel/mW
  • Driver Which is of 40 mm
  • Manufactured by: Sony

Product Dimensions

  • 25X1X15 cm

Package Includes

  • MDR V-55 Headphones with a warranty card.


  • Excellent and crystal-clear sound quality, especially the bass, totally a winner for such low cost, surpassing much more expensive headphones.
  • They have L and R marked over the earcups so it is very easy for you to determine which is meant for the right and left ear.
  • The length of the cable is very comfortable and hardly forms knots. It is flat and will be really helpful if you if you are on the move and have your phone in the pocket of your trousers.
  • Customers have reported experiencing perfect functioning of the headphones even after dropping them accidentally or tugging at the cable and using constantly for over four years.
  • Classical music can be enjoyed as much as bass beats that have high resolution.
  • The look is very aesthetic and the flat, red colored cable looks very good. At the end, there is a gold-plated jack which establishes a trustworthy connection.
  • You can be assured of a fine quality of frequency accompanied by the sound staging. Out of a 2D source, it can create 3D, irrespective of the volume level.


  • The very reasonable price of the headphones is a marker that you should not compare them with headphones which are more expensive and loaded with more features. However, this product has minimal drawbacks. Like, a stereo jack is not available with the set, which would have helped you to plug them into a DJ mixer.
  • The band is built of plastic which allegedly started crumbling off after few years of usage.
  • It is said to be a bit uncomfortable by some users. The side of the headphones produces tension and cause discomfort to the head.
  • Your companions can hear your music even if the volume is increased more than half way. Hence, it is not suitable for quiet journeys. Also, they tend to squeak when you walk.


  • You can practice 5-string bass using these headphones and they sound equally clear on the low notes. In the case of other top headphones, the sound quality deteriorates with the increase of volume, but not in these.
  • Great for DJs, professional mixing and monitoring the levels of bass.
  • The bass notes are really rich and hit high range.
  • Gives sound quality akin to the studios when connected to studio monitor speakers.

Customer Ratings

With a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5, these headphones have massive positive reviews. Affordable price, brilliant base effects, these are worth buying for those who have a constrained budget. Customers who bought it gave brilliant reviews. Most of them said it was worth buying, it has great sound quality considering the price and so on.

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Do you really think you should wait after reading such brilliant feedback? We don’t think so. Go, grab your pair now!

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