Novation Launchkey Mini MK2 Midi Keyboard Review

Novation Launchkey Mini MK2 Midi Keyboard Review

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Novation is a renowned maker of electronic music equipment. They have been ruling the music market for a long period of 20 years, specializing in both analog and digital synthesizers, music software, keyboards and controllers.

The Launchkey Mini (MK2) is Novation’s innovative keyboard design which makes playing music more fun for users. The Launchkey Mini MK2 is a very compact and portable keyboard. But don’t let the compact design make you doubt its performance. This keyboard controller in fact provides you with all the options to make new music in Ableton Live without worrying about messing up your table. You can start making music as soon as you plug it into your laptop or iPad.

The newest in the rising series of Novation “Launch” products, the Launchkey Mini is an easily accessible and user-friendly mini keyboard and launch pad controller which is compliant with an extensive range of software and apps on computer and iPad. It provides users 26 controls which ensures hassle-free finger control over eminent music software through Novation’s InControl technology. The velocity-sensitive 16 launch pads can be used for playing drum sounds extensively and expressively. As an icing on the cake this midi keyboard is also provided with a Ableton Live lite software and Loopmasters sample pack along with several other software.


The Launchkey Mini is the best music production and performance instrument because it is equipped with free iPad apps. You can produce and perform music instantly by using the control effects and the sample library provided with the launchpad app. You can use the launchpad app on your iPad to import new sound tracks and your personalized samples to deliver an even more splendid performance. You can then share your creations with the rest of the world. In order to link the Launchkey mini and your iPad you will need to use the Apple Camera connection kit which is not included with the Launchkey mini. You can enjoy an uninterrupted music performance since the launchkey mini is powered by USB.
Features of the Novation Launchkey Mini MK2 Midi Keyboard

16 velocity-sensitive pads

The Launchkey Mini MK2 Midi Keyboard comes with a 16 velocity-sensitive pads which allows users to launch the clips and the beats. The pads light up once the clips are loaded, when it’s playing and when it is recorded. The keyboard has 8 premium quality knobs which allow you to adjust and tune your instruments.

Novation Launchkey Mini MK2 Midi Keyboard ReviewKeys

The Mini MK2 comes with 25 keys which are smaller when compared to other keyboards. So naturally it will take you some time to get used to playing on these keys if you are used to playing on the regular piano. But once you get conditioned to playing on this keyboard you will love the way it creates music.


The MK2 Midi keyboard is designed exclusively for portability. It is so compact that you can chuck it into your and carry it anywhere. The 3 colour coded keypads makes the keyboard very attractive.


It is very easy to use. It will start working as soon as you connect it to your laptop. You do not require any power cables or drivers since it is compliant and powered through USB. The iPad can be connected through the Camera Connection Kit and can be used to manage different types of iOS music apps. The Mini MK2 Midi is also compliant with Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, FL Studio and Reason without the need of any kind of mapping.


  • This Midi Keyboard comes equipped with everything needed to make music such as V-Station musical instruments,
  • Ableton Live, samples from Loopmasters and Novation Bass Station.
  • It works with MAC and PC
  • All the controls have been put down intuitively and are simple to use.
  • You can play loops and produce expressive beats
  • The 16 velocity sensitive coloured pads let you trigger clips and play drums.
  • Since it is USB powered you don’t require any adapter of any kind of power supply.
  • It is very compact and light-weight.
  • It is compatible with most of the music making apps in iPad and goes well with most of the DAW’s


  • For iOS use it requires a Camera Connection Kit
  • Features in a Nutshell
  • It is retailed at a price of $100
  • Since it is USB powered.
  • Weight – 1.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 9 x 3 inches
  • 25 synth-style mini keys
  • 16 velocity sensitive pads (three-color coded)
  • Eight knobs
  • Seven function buttons
  • Comes with software: Ableton Live Lite 9 and 1GB+ of samples/loops
  • Fully-integrated instrument with Novation iPad apps

Customer Rating

The Novation Launchkey Mini MK2 Midi Keyboard has secures numerous reviews on several websites. It has scored a 9/10 on Music Tech and a 5/5 rating on Amazon.

Here are a few quotes from customer reviews

“Novation’s Launchkey Mini packs quite a punch and is clearly designed with the modern, trendy and constantly moving composer in mind.” // “…one of the finest mobile instruments money can buy.”- Music Tech

“I’m having a lot of fun with it already and it’s making me re-think my melodic approaches.”- Music Tech

“a very easy-to-use smart choice for someone who needs to make music on the go”- Beatport

If you are looking for a compact mini MIDI keyboard then you need to give the Novation Launchkey Mini a try. This keyboard offers a lot of attractive features and capabilities at a very reasonable price. It has a better key pad quality when compared to MIDI keyboards of other brands. The inclusion of apps, software and other support is a huge advantage for its retail price. This keyboard lets you make music anywhere you go without the need for any huge space.

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