Mackie CR4 4 inch Monitor Speakers Review

mackie cr4 studio monitors review

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Has the sound quality in studios always excited you? Have you been longing to get the same quality of sound from your home speakers that you usually connect to your PCs? If you ever thought that this was impossible to achieve, you have definitely not heard of Mackie CR4 4 Inch Monitor Speakers. Equipped with great technical specifications and a sophisticated design, these speakers provide optimum quality of sound and are ideal for all you entertainment lovers out there. With these speakers, you get to learn and appreciate every little nuances of a song that you have never been able to hear before.

mackie cr4 studio monitors reviewThese speakers come in a cabinet made from wooden, which naturally accentuate its superior looks. The headphone jack of these speakers is located towards the front, which helps in adjusting volume controls and provides more ease and comfort to users while operating the same. The speakers come along with different cables so that users can use it at their own convenience. These cables can be used to connect directly to computers, to connect left and right speakers with each other and to connect the speakers to smartphones. These speakers also come along with inbuilt, high-quality isolation pads, which go a long way in improving the quality of sound output. With these isolation pads, one can turn off bass and use the monitors effectively to concentrate on the nuances that were never explored before!

Features of Mackie CR4 4 Inch Monitor Speakers

These new age monitor speakers from Mackie come with the following interesting seat of features:

1. Studio Quality Sound Design

One of the major highlights of these speakers is that they come with the sound quality that you get to witness only in studios. This is considered to be one of the best speakers in town, if you are looking to create effective multimedia and entertainment within the four walls of your home. These high-precision production monitors come with 50Watts of sound, which is loud enough for your home. This is apt for all those Disco Jockey aspirants out there, as you get optimum quality of sonic performances from these creative reference monitor speakers, thanks to the technically brilliant components used in these.

2. Ultimate control and ease for headphones

This is yet another amazing feature of these monitor- speakers from Mackie. You don’t have to hunt for your headphone jacks anymore. Situated right at the front, this gives you amazing control and ease to plug in and plug off your headphones at your own convenience. The speaker volume is automatically suppressed when you plug in your headphones and from then on, you can increase or decrease volumes with the help of main volume button. This feature also gives you the ease of choosing between sources where you want to connect your speakers to (computer, smartphone, television, etc.).

3. Excellent appearance and aesthetics

Are those cheap-looking plastic speakers in your house bothering you? It is time to give your entertainment experience a complete makeover. These new monitor speakers from Mackie come with an exquisite wooden cabinet, which makes them look classy, attractive and sophisticated.

4. Choosing the quality of sound

If your speakers have a high degree of bass effect, it can cause an annoying strain to your ears. This is where these special creative reference monitor speakers from Mackie are a sheer blessing for you. They come with remarkable acoustic isolation pads, which help to eliminate the bass effect, thereby lending more precision and quality to the final sound output that you get. This way, you can focus on the small nuances perfectly.

mackie cr4 studio monitors review backTechnical Specifications

  • Weight – 6kg
  • Model Number – CR4
  • Colour of unit – Black
  • Manufactured in – China


  • Unit dimensions details – 44.4 x 29.6 x 24.2cm
  • Size of unit – 4 inches

Package details

  • The package containing these monitor speakers come with the following accessories:
  • Pair of Creative Reference Monitor Speakers (4 Inches)
  • Main Cable
  • 1/8” sterio RCA cable to connect these speakers to computers
  • 1/8” to 1/8” cable to enable connection with smartphones
  • 6 cable to connect the right and left speakers with each other
  • 2 isolation pads (professional grade) for eliminating the bass effects, thereby improving the nuances of sound output


  • High performance studio quality design at home
  • Minimisation of bass effects; therefore you can hear all the nuances of sound
  • Easy operation of headphones and cables as the jacks are located right at the front of the speakers
  • Priced at just about $135, which is highly reasonable for the superior quality of sound it provides
  • Sleek design as it comes in a wood cabinet
  • Comes with necessary cables to get the speakers connected to computers, smartphones and with each other


  • At times the speakers don’t function after some time; however these instances are rare and have been reported only by one or 2 customers.

Applications of Mackie CR4 4 Inch Monitor Speakers

There are main areas where these creative reference monitor speakers can be used. They are:

Home Studios

Bring the studios to your home with these speakers. With 50 Watts capacity, these speakers are great for learning about the sound techniques and all the minute nuances in any music. You could also play games on your PC with these speakers on for an incredible effect

Professional Recordings

Amateur Recordings

These speakers are great for all kinds of recordings and sound mixes because of their awesome features. You don’t have to deal with the jarring bass effects, as it is automatically controlled by the isolation pads that come along with these speakers.

Customer rating

Mackie CR4 4 Inch Monitor Speakers has been awarded with a 4.4 star rating out of 5 at, which stands as a remarkable testimonial for the faith and content of its customers. Almost all users who have used these speakers are in awe of the sophisticated yet easy to use design of these speakers.

So what are you waiting for? If you have been looking for a pair of intelligent speakers that provide you great value for your money, this is the right choice for you.

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