FL Studio Fruity Edition 12 Music Production Software Review

fl studio fruity loops 12 music production software review

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If you are a creative artist, you would have probably tried all kinds of music production software within your range to get the right kind of music quality. Are you not able to get the right quality that you have in mind? You must try the all new FL Studio Fruity Edition 12 Music Production Software then, This can be easily downloaded onto your system and you get a whole lot of new features and an enriched library to choose virtual instruments and other interesting features.

fl studio fruity loops 12 music production software reviewYou have to choose Edition 12 of FL Studio’s new music production software, if you are longing for a cutting edge technology and one stop solution for all your music needs. Once you download this into your system, you are presented with a list of user-friendly features, with which you can compose, arrange, record, edit mix and master all kinds of quality mix. The software is priced at £65.65 and is worth every dime, as it gives musicians complete freedom to play with their notes and come out with high quality outputs. This is one of the most downloaded DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) and users are entitled to lots of interesting lifetime free benefits when they use this.

Features of FL Studio Fruity Edition 12 Software

Newer Version corrects flaws from the previous editions

The new edition of FL Studio Fruity Edition 12 Software is loaded with a host of benefits of musicians. Since this is one of the most reliable DAWs in the music production software industry today, all the shortcomings of previous editions have been worked upon sincerely and are incorporated accordingly in this edition. One of the first changes this edition has from previous editions is the way its interface looks. This software has user-friendly interfaces and it is now vector-based, which increases its scope of performance. You can scale up your interface to as much as you want with this newer version.
What happens with this change is that, you can now use it either with the mouse or with touch-mode, a feature which comes a sheer blessing when you want to mix sounds. The mixer gives you various scales to experiment and you have the complete freedom to resize or revise as many times as you want, with this new software from FL Studio.

Toned down controls and cleaner system makes the software quite user friendly

One of the complaints raised against earlier versions of this music production software was that it depended too much on using tiny icons and that users had to keep on clicking and browsing through various options to get to the area that they wanted. Also, the function of touch and multi-touch were not available to users of earlier versions. Software experts believe that with the 12th edition, one of the most dominating DAWs is back with a bang. This time, the clean-up has taken longer than expected; however it has been worth the wait.

Currently, the software looks clean and compact. Inspectors and editors are now available in additional windows with improved functionality features to choose from. This ease of navigation is sure to impress musicians, as now, they are presented with more options than ever before and they are able to do use the multi-touch function on this version. With its touch-compatibility feature, this software is sure to blow away the minds of all musicians and creative artists.

Interesting plug-in updates

Some of the amazing features that are available with this updated version of software are – a) you can drag and drop files from Windows browser into Playlist, b) Moving of pattern menu into the toolbar, c) step sequences and piano rolls can now be used interchangeably, d) Labelling and Looping timers are now introduced on the piano rolls and e)Plug-in wrapper contains all channel settings and they are synced with the all-new vector compatible interface, wherever necessary (examples of these synced controls are Envelope Controller, Keyboard Controller, Peak Controller, Formula Controller and the like).

Technical Specifications

  • Weight of unit – 227 grams
  • Model Number – FL Studio Fruity Edition 12
  • Manufactured in – Belgium

fl studio fruity loops 12 music production software review interfaceProduct Dimensions

  • Dimensions of unit – 24;5 x 20.5 x 4.5cm

Package details

  • USB Stick
  • Detailed Manual


  • Scalable interface has been made compatible with vectors and has been completely redesigned
  • Mixer currently supports multi touch features
  • Browser tabs has been cleaned and made compact, thus making it easier for usage
  • Toolbar menu now looks clean with exclusive channel racks being established to hold all channel related settings
  • Dedicated Plug-in wrapper in the new version; therefore all pop-ups are now completely under control
  • Multi-touch desktop DAW technology introduced here
  • Reasonable price, in spite of giving the earlier versions a complete & successful re-jig.


  • Currently available only on Windows operating system and not on Mac


Can be used to create, edit, arrange and do all kinds of creative activities by musicians who have an eye for innovative music.

Customer rating

This updated version has got a 3.5 rating on Amazon, which is reasonably good. Users who have downloaded this new version are in praise of the new version, because it gives them the option of using various applications to improve the overall quality of the sound produced by them. There are innumerable virtual instruments available in this version. The best part about this software is that all the apps are now available in a neat and compact design, which makes navigation between various apps easier for musicians.

Latest Amazon Price Here

This software has actually created a revolution in the way DAWS have been operating. Customers who have used it advise prospective users to download this software from the official website of FL Studio, as this would guarantee them some lifetime free updates from the company. Though the software comes with an USB stick, it is recommended use the website for getting free updates of the company. Creative artists who want a one stop solution for improving their music quality must download this , as this software is a great deal for its current price.

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