BTSKY™ BM-800 Condenser Sound Recording Microphone Review

BTSKY™BM-800 Condenser Sound Recording Microphone review

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This microphone comes along with a shock mount as well and it is one of the best brands available currently for purposes like recording songs, broadcasting studios, voice-over studios and the like. One of the major highlights of the microphone is its absolutely incredible price. If you expect only fairly reasonable features for this price, you are surely in for a shock and a pleasant one at that. You get more than what you pay for and this has made this microphone one of the hottest selling brands in the market today. One important thing to note even before you busy this is to use this microphone along with other sound catalysts if you want a higher quality of sound output.

BTSKY™BM-800 Condenser Sound Recording Microphone reviewThis microphone comes with a list of features that not only protects its durability but also avoids any jarring or irritation in the final sound output that is produced by it. The shock mount that comes along with the microphones plays a pivotal role in controlling all kinds of external handling noises from hampering the sound quality of these mics. These microphones come with superior padded foam insert in them, which protect them from extensive damage. This is a very user-friendly product and comes with a standard screw, with which you can fix this mice to any common microphone stand.

Features of BTSKY™BM-800 Condenser Sound Recording Microphone

Tailored frequency response

One of the most advantageous features of this microphone is that it comes with a tailored frequency response. This means that the microphone produces the best of high frequencies and low frequencies and ensures that the final sound quality is very good.

High signal to noise ratio

When you set out to purchase microphones, the first thing that you would look for is a particular brand’s signal to noise ratio. This means the efficiency with which the microphones picks up signals and delivers it accurately in spite of there being quite a few noises in the environment. A microphone which has a high signal to noise ratio is considered to be the best-buy. BTSKY™BM-800 Condenser Sound Recording Microphone comes with an inbuilt neodymium magnet, which improves the product’s signal to noise ratio to a great extent.

Highly sensitive to sounds right in front of the microphone

BTSKY™BM-800 Condenser Sound Recording Microphone is a unidirectional microphone and it belongs to the cardioid type. This means that the microphone is highly sensitive to sounds coming from one particular direction. In this case, it is right in front of the mice. When sounds emanate from the front side of the mice, this microphone produces superior quality and thereby offers great feedback rejection. In simple terms, the microphone doesn’t pick up any unnecessary noises in the background and focuses only on sounds coming right from the front of the mice.

Great durability

The microphone comes with steel net the part which is held by hand is made up of zinc alloy, giving a long durability of the product.

BTSKY™BM-800 Condenser Sound Recording Microphone reviewTechnical specifications

  • Polar pattern type – Unidirectional (Cardioid)
  • Frequency response category – 20Hz to 20k Hz
  • Electrical current – 3mA
  • Output interface – 3.5mm
  • Voltage usage – 48V phantom power supply
  • Material used – Steel net and zinc alloy
  • Sensitivity – 45dB±1dB
  • Load Impedance – ≥1000 Ω
  • Output Impedance – 1500Ω± 30 %( at 1k Hz)
  • Equivalent noise level – 16dBA
  • Colour – Blue

Product dimensions

  • Wire – 3 metres in length, 3.5 inserted audio interface

Package details

  • One unit of Microphone
  • One unit of shock mount
  • User Manual
  • Power Chord
  • Anti-Wind Foam Cap – one unit


  • Great quality of sound for its price
  • Handling noises are well-controlled
  • Great signal to noise ratio
  • Screw adapter can be used to mount microphone on all stands
  • Highly durable and provides non-jarring sound effects to users
  • Highly reasonable price


  • It needs external sound amplifiers like 48V phantom power supply to give out the desired quality and effect of final output of sound
  • Not compatible with smartphones and tablets


  • Broadcasting studio
  • Voice over sound studio
  • Recording

Important points to note

48V Phantom power supply that this microphone needs for providing better quality of sound, doesn’t come along with this microphone. It needs to be purchased additionally.

Sound cards can be used in laptops or computers if you feel sound produced by these microphones is not enough
Ample distance should be given between microphone and amplifier while recording, so that there are no noise distortions

These condenser microphones can be used without any supplements in desktop computers to get the desired sound quality and effect

Customer Rating

For its highly reasonable price, great features, ease of handling and durability, this condenser microphone has been given an impressive 4.1 star rating on Amazon. Users of this microphone are in awe of its services in light of the price that the makers charge for this. Most of the users have recommended that this microphone works the best when it is used in tandem with a 48V Phantom Power supply and mc preamplifier. Some of the reviews by customers who have used this microphone are as follows:

“Great quality for the price”

“Built to last, ticks many boxes”


“Love it, recommend for beginners”

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In a nutshell, this product gives a crisp quality to the final sound output, as it does an amazing job in ignoring the external noise distortions and disturbances. This product is probably only one of the few products that deliver consistently at such a low price. It never fails on its commitment to quality. With a good holding made of zinc alloy, this microphone is one of the leading names for beginners who want to experiment sound recording techniques at a low budget. With such a low investment, you cannot help but be thrilled at the facilities that come along with sleek and nice-looking microphone. There are not many low-priced & high quality products available out there; so you better grab this one at the earliest!

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