AKAI MPK MINI MKII 25-Key Ultra-Portable USB MIDI Keyboard Review

akai mpc mini mk2 review

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Are you a musician who loves to create music on the go? Do heavy keyboards with their clumsy accessories create trouble for you when you keep travelling to various places? It is time for you to try the mini and portable keyboard from AKAI. This keyboard is an absolute delight for musicians because it comes with great hardware controls, which will help them to have complete control over their music wherever they go.

akai mpc mini mk2 reviewYou can create melodies as you wish, in the frequencies of your choice, record them, adjust the resolutions and make as many changes as you want in this Akai MPK Mini MKII ultra- portable USB MIDI keyboard. These are designed in such a way that you can carry them around with ease and come out with innovative compositions. Some interesting features of this keyboard are mentioned in this article.

Excellent features of the Akai MPK Mini MKII Keyboard

Music on the Go

This is the USP of this keyboard and this is the feature which attracts musicians and sound engineers to a great extent. You don’t need a studio or a sophisticated set anymore to create record and edit your music. Just like all other creative arts, music too strikes you at the most unexpected moment. You have to be prepared with all your hardware equipment in place at these moments. This keyboard is portable and lets you to arrange music with the help of virtual instruments, effect plugins and digital audio workstations as and when you feel the urge to create music. You don’t require any external software or adapter to use this keyboard. You can connect this to your system and then use the 4 memory banks that come along with this for quickly getting it synced with your computers. Plug & play connectivity and single USB connectivity are the major features of this keyboard.

Great control of keys over the music quality and overall dynamics

This keyboard comes with 25 synth action keys that are sensitive to velocity. Synth action keys give you more options to play around and help you achieve sounds similar to other instruments as well. These keys are light weight and contribute to the overall excellent portability of the instrument. Other than this there are 4 way thumb stick keys to give you more variation in the dynamics and to help you adjust the pitch controls in the way that you exactly want. This keyboard also has 8 MPC (music production control) pads that are highly sensitive to backlit velocity and 8 other Q link knobs that are assignable. The eight MPC pads can be extended to 16, with the help of a couple of banks. This provides you great room for improving your creativity and bringing out new styles of music combinations. A few interesting aspects of this keyboard which improve your creativity are exclusive Octane keys (up/down), inbuilt pedal input enabling playing & recording, inbuilt arpeggiator through which frequencies can be adjusted and other sophisticated technologies.

Embedded software helps in creating high-definition music

The best thing about this keyboard is that it comes with inbuilt software which enables you to choose from a variety of options to improve the quality of your music. Hybrid 3, operated by Air Music Tech, helps you to connect with virtual instruments and bring about all kinds of music (retro, rock, melody, rap and the like). SoniVox’s Wobble is yet another synthesiser which comes with two exclusive channels, giving you the freedom of mixing, matching and morphing your tunes. If you are looking to accentuate the effects of your MPC pads, you can use software known as MPC essentials to create superlative effectives for each MPC pad, by having the freedom to choose the DAW (digital audio workstation) or opt out of it. MPK Mini Editor is a software which saves you considerable time each time when you connect your keyboard with your computer. With this editor, you can save all your preferences for each application and use them whenever you want to.

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Technical Specifications

  • Weight of unit – 739grams
  • Model Number – MPK Mini MKII
  • Total number of keys – 25
  • Total number of programs – 4
  • Number of Octanes – 10 including up and down functions
  • Total number of knobs – 8 assignable units
  • Total number of pads – 8 MPC pads that can be extended to 16 with the help of 2 banks
  • Manufactured in – China

akai mpc mini mk2 reviewProduct dimensions

  • Dimensions of unit – 18 x 31.4 x 4.6cm
  • Control mechanisms – Tempo, Note Repeat, Full Level, Pitchbend/Joystick functionalities
  • Contains an Arpeggiator
  • Extra inputs available for sustained pedal impact

Package details

  • MPK Mini Editor software (to be downloaded)
  • Software Download card
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • USB Cable
  • 1 unit of MPK Mini Keyboard


  • Create music on the go, without losing control of your equipment
  • Get connected to virtual instruments and digital audio workstations to improve the quality and dynamics of your music
  • Comes with 2 power banks to double the music production control pads
  • Resolutions can be adjusted and complex melodic lines can be created without too many hassles, thanks to the arpeggiator present in this unit.
  • Comes with a software, which, when downloaded, saves you considerable time when you sync with your mini MPK with your computers
  • Great price considering the features it comes with


  • Sometimes the program editor software creates problems
  • Joystick has reported problems in certain models

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Customer rating

This keyboard has been given a 4.3 star rating on Amazon as most of the users are highly satisfied with the freedom that it gives users to create, edit, record, remove and play music on the go. With its effective software controls and the wide options it provides in the form of connectivity with various virtual platforms, you can be assured about the quality of music that you create from this. With this in your kitty, your travel plans can no more pose hazards for you in your music creation process.

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